National Board Of  Hypnosis
 Education And Certification


The National Board Of Hypnosis Education And Certification
was founded by Gerald Kein in 1989. 
The main mission of its creation was to establish an acceptable level
of hypnotism knowledge for certification.

Hypnotism being a non-licensed profession at this time, hypnotism trainers can establish any hypnotism curriculum they decide to teach and the general public would have no idea if the training met minimal education standards.  Educational standards meaning upon successful completion of training  from a school, the student would be capable of successfully utilizing hypnotic techniques with clients.

The philosophy of the N.B.H.E.C. was for a prospective candidate to become a certified member, they must pass stringent testing.  Should the applicant fail the examination, his/her educational weakness becomes very clear. The applicant may, after more training and study, re-apply to take the certification examination again.

In the beginning many applicants, even those who had been in the profession for many years, failed the entrance examination and  had to seek additional training.   Additionally, over the years, many hypnotism schools have submitted their certification training programs to the N.B.H.E.C. for approval.  These approved schools use N.B.H.E.C. examinations in their certification training programs.

Even though many schools have upgraded training to a standard where upon graduation, their students become certified by the National Board Of Hypnosis Education And Certification, many other schools and trainers have chosen not to upgrade to the N.B.H.E.C. standard of hypnotism education.

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